Metal Detection to Protect Your Brand & Machinery

By ensuring that every product — food or non-food — leaving your factory is free from metal contaminants, metal detection systems help protect your brand from product recalls and withdrawals. Our solutions are easily installed and integrated into your production line, so you’re up and running quickly.

With food, non-magnetic stainless steel and metal are among the biggest culprits for contamination. Our advanced metal detection technology means you can even check products with high moisture content or those packaged in metallised film. 

Equally, your non-food business can also use our metal detection technology to ensure your products are metal-contaminant free. 

Benefits of metal detection for your business:

  • Cost effective 
  • Protect your processing equipment from damage — this saves downtime and machinery repair costs
  • Avoid recalls because of metal contaminants — thus avoiding costly re-work, fines and brand damage
  • Protect your brand and reputation 
  • Comply with stringent retailer standards and build long-lasting relationships
  • Save costs — reduce waste and manual efforts
  • Fully automated — if, for example, your metal detection system identifies a contaminated product, our iDSnet software can trigger a process for to direct this product to a different path or straight to the reject bin.
  • Fully integrated solutions — integrate your coding and labelling systems with your metal detection and manage all your solutions with iDSnet software. 


Ensure your beverages are filled correctly, with the right cap and fit, the labelling and coding is correct and the bottles are undamaged. X-ray and metal detection will ensure your products meet food and grocery retailer requirements.
Quality is extremely important due to dairy’s perishable nature. Vision systems, X-ray and metal detection can verify many product aspects on-line. Checkweighing systems ensure the correct-weight products always leave your factory doors.
Food and Grocery
Vision systems are used to ensure the presence and correctness of these codes, and to generally ensure that product is “shelf ready” to meet retailer requirements and customers’ expectations.
Pharmaceutical & Medical
Quality control is critical to pharma-medical, which has strict guidelines and standards for products. Vision inspection, X-ray and metal detection solutions can ensure products meet these protocols, hence retailer and customers expectations.
Presentation and quality are crucial for alcoholic beverages and wine — machine vision inspection, X-ray and metal detection can all help ensure product excellence.


Auspack 2015 Overview
Auspack 2015 Overview
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Inspection technologies from iQVision
Inspection technologies from iQVision
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Our library of videos showcase various inspection applications.
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