Wide range of applications 

iQVision has solutions for applications of all sizes and types — from small to large, unique or complex, and common or simple.

In this section, you will find an outline of the most common applications for vision systems, metal detection, checkweigh and x-ray inspection. 

If your need is outside these, please call us on 1300 iQVision (478 474) or email us to discuss it — it’s quite probable that we have already implemented a similar solution.

Or, you can browse the possibilities of solutions by industry. The “Your Industry” section looks at some major industry sectors, outlining the solutions typically used. Again, this list is not exhaustive; if your business activity falls outside this, please contact us to discuss.

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iQVision’s cost-effective checkweighers suits your food or non-food application, ensuring every product leaving your factory is within weight specifications, protecting your brand and profits. Check from 10g-15kg. Designed for hygienic, wet areas.
Metal Detection Systems
iQVision’s cost-effective, advanced metal detection technology suits your food or non-food application, ensuring every product leaving your factory is free from metal contaminants, protecting your brand, machinery and bottom line.
Cross Reference
Matching or cross referencing several elements of packaging can be very beneficial for quality inspection using vision technology like matching caps to labels or bar codes on back label to design elements on the front label.
Pick and Place
Vision systems facilitate robotic pick & place processes, quickly and accurately detecting the position and orientation of parts - for identification, sorting and packing operations.
Line Monitoring
Simple to install, high speed cameras can allow diagnosis of a diverse range of manufacturing process issues.
Item Count
Smart cameras can reliably count bottles and other containers within cartons.
Empty Container Inspection
Vision solutions can inspect empty bottles, cans, tubes, boxes, tubs and other rigid containers to ensure they meet the dimensional and cosmetic requirements customers and regulators demand.
Packaging Quality Assurance
Vision solutions inspect products and other packages to verify that the packaging process was completed to the exacting standards and specifications set by the manufacturer.
Closure and Seal Validation
Vision solutions for closures and seals ensure the integrity of a closure placed on a bottle, tub or pack.
Label Inspection and Validation
Vision Solutions for label inspection can be set up to ensure perfect product presentation and confirm label ID every time.
Code Validation
A vision solution for code inspection is a complete in-line solution that verifies code presence, position and formation, and, where necessary, enables full code reading and matching.
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