Case study on glass bottle inspection 

Company: Large beverage manufacturer in Victoria

Application: Inspection of glass bottle rims to detect breaks, cracks and contamination

Process Requirements:

  • Occurs prior to washing and filling.
  • Very high speed line with regular stop/starts.
  • A range of bottle colours and sizes, with system adjustability.

Technology Solution: Vision system with white strobed LED lighting

Solution Features:

  • All bottle products are pre-configured
  • Product selection is automated based on the product selected in the main PLC for the line.

Customer Benefits:

  • Non-conforming bottles are cleanly rejected on-line.
  • Process control is enhanced by interfacing to local and remote PLC’s.
  • On-site training done so that vision system is wholly maintained by the site technical maintenance staff.

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1 stars2 stars3 stars4 stars5 stars