Why a camera does not equal an inspection ‘system’ 

Cameras are vital components in automated vision inspection systems. But just because one is there, doesn’t mean it can capture “everything”. So is “less” really “more” here?

Automated vision inspection systems are an easy, assured way to achieve lean manufacturing and ensure products that leave your factory are fit for purpose. 

Vision systems can be very basic, say to check for closure, label or code presence, counting items in cartons, or barcode grading to ensure it will scan at the point of sale. Or they can be far more complex, such as ensuring products are in-spec, compliant, filled correctly and shelf-ready before they leave the factory door. 

A basic vision solution satisfies a single, simple business process, while the complex ones address several processes (for example: simultaneously verifying codes, fill levels, tamper seals, caps and front-back label match).  

The key is that a vision system can be configured to check for all sorts of things — but not necessarily at the same time. Unless it’s designed to. 

So why can’t you just add variables to be checked when you have a camera? Sounds like a good point: it’s there, why can’t you just piggyback on a few more checks? 

Equally, there’s a very good answer: different checks may well need a different camera position and different lighting. Camera and lighting set for inspecting one variable may be completely different for another. Even if it’s a “just little bit different” it’s too far out. Think about if your car needs fuel. There’s no point filling your car with petrol if it’s a diesel engine; yes it’s still “fuel’, but it’s not right and you’ll do some rather expensive damage to the engine with “close enough is good enough”. It never is. So if you’re wanting to check for Variable A, make sure your system is an excellent solution for Variable A. Not a half-baked one for Variable A and B. Unless it’s designed to, the system will do neither properly and you may as well not have it. And there is no point compromising your reputation by compromising your inspection solution. 

So that why “less” really is “more” with vision inspection solutions. 

iQVision can customise a vision inspection solution for your application. If you have a complex application you’d like to discuss (or a simple one!), please contact us via email or call 1300 IQVISION (1300 478 474). 

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