Label Inspection and Validation

High-speed labelling of products, ranging from bottles and cans, to tubs to boxes, can produce a wide variety of defects. These defects can lead to label errors that can be harmful to a brand or even present liability issues for a brand owner. Labels can be inspected for label presence, wrinkles, tears, skewed labels, double labels, flagged or missing labels, as well as incorrect label pairs on containers and packages.

Vision Inspection Solutions for label inspection can be set up to ensure perfect product presentation and confirm label ID every time. These automatically inspect labels on all packaging to detect and automatically reject packages and containers with label issues.

  • Label Presence Verification: inspects for the absence or presence of a label on a package or container.

  • Label Pair Validation: checks if the front and back labels are paired correctly.

  • Skewed Label Detection: ensures that labels are applied straight, and in the correct position.

  • Dog Ear Label Detection: verifies that labels have been securely applied to the container or package.

  • Double Label Inspection: ensures that only one label has been applied to the same location on the package. 

  • Overwrap Alignment Inspection: ensures that wrap-around labels are straight and properly positioned. A 360-degree inspection on round bottles is also possible on production lines.

  • Graphical Label Verification: inspects for a unique graphical item on the label to confirm that the proper label is being applied.

  • 2D Data Matrix Code Verification: confirms that the proper label has been applied by verifying the 2D data matrix code is present, or that the code has been printed correctly.

  • Barcode Verification: confirms that the proper label has been applied by verifying that the correct barcode is present, or that the code has been printed correctly.

When integrated with Matthews iDSnet, the solution can not only check label presence, but can also verify if it is the right label is applied, thereby eliminating any labelling errors.


Ensure your beverages are filled correctly, with the right cap and fit, the labelling and coding is correct and the bottles are undamaged. X-ray and metal detection will ensure your products meet food and grocery retailer requirements.
Quality is extremely important due to dairy’s perishable nature. Vision systems, X-ray and metal detection can verify many product aspects on-line. Checkweighing systems ensure the correct-weight products always leave your factory doors.
Food and Grocery
Vision systems are used to ensure the presence and correctness of these codes, and to generally ensure that product is “shelf ready” to meet retailer requirements and customers’ expectations.
Industrial Applications
Light manufacturing right through to heavy industry can benefit from using vision solutions, X-ray and metal detection.
Pharmaceutical & Medical
Quality control is critical to pharma-medical, which has strict guidelines and standards for products. Vision inspection, X-ray and metal detection solutions can ensure products meet these protocols, hence retailer and customers expectations.
Presentation and quality are crucial for alcoholic beverages and wine — machine vision inspection, X-ray and metal detection can all help ensure product excellence.


2D Datamatrix Code Verification
Ensure that products with the right 2D codes are readable pass your quality inspection.
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Label Validation
Vision inspection will reliably verify the presence and accurate placement of labels as well as confirm that the correct labels and label versions are attached to products.
Matthews AUSPACK 2011 Wrap
Matthews AUSPACK 2011 Wrap up
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Our library of videos showcase various inspection applications.
Vision Inspection of lid labels
Inspection of margarine lids to confirm label print and colour integrity.
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