Systems Integration

The nature of the inspection application and type of solution to be implemented are both factors in determining the level of integration needed.

iQVision’s software, engineering design and installation capabilities mean we look at your whole production line and product-quality needs. So the inspection solution that we recommend is based on the bigger picture.

Our speciality is networked inspection solutions that feed data back into the rest of your business systems. It is important to have efficient, automated and streamlined processes in place that may also be integrated with your existing business, manufacturing or warehouse systems.

The result? The productivity and profitability of your business increases!

Project management

You expect your inspection solution to be delivered in full, on time and on budget. Often when our customers need an inspection system, they may need other upgrades or additions to their production process as well. So that our customers spend their time doing what earns them money, iQVision project manages the entire installation.

We appoint a dedicated project manager for every inspection project — no matter how large or small. This project manager follows our documented project methodology and reports to you regularly on your project’s status. They are your key contact for all project-related matters, co-ordinating all trades, suppliers and general site requirements. We work with several companies so that we deliver you a complete end-to-end solution. No mucking around for you, and no misunderstandings through third parties of what equipment is coming, when.

We take care of every aspect of your project … and keep you informed!

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