About iQVision

iQVision’s mission is to provide reliable, robust solutions to Australian manufacturing industries to reduce wastage and optimise profit. 

Incorporated in July 2011, iQVision is a Matthews-affiliated company and works closely with Matthews on integrated product identification projects where inspection solutions are needed. It also operates directly with customers where product ID is not part of the project.

We help manufacturing businesses across the country by establishing, then automating, objective quality processes through a variety of technologies:

  • vision-inspection
  • metal detection
  • checkweighing
  • X-ray inspection

In vision inspection solutions, iQVision has wide OEM and integration partner networks to supply the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Developments have now made all these technologies accessible to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large ones.

See how our technologies can help your industry and application. 

Want to find out more about us? 

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