Birth of iQVision

Australian manufacturers today are under more pressure than ever to produce the highest quality goods. With increasingly tough competition at home and from overseas, there’s no room for error. However, retailers and consumers are both demanding these high quality products at lower prices, meaning producers need to find a way to ensure exceptional quality while protecting their profit margin. 

Many manufacturers are realising that, to achieve these standards, it’s no longer enough to rely on human inspection. That’s where automated product inspection systems come in.

Product inspection systems, such as metal detectors, checkweighers, x-ray and vision inspection systems, can help ensure that every product leaving your factory doors is of the best quality, ticking all the boxes for consumers and retailers. At the same time, they can substantially decrease operational expenses and optimise plant efficiency. 

iQVision is Australia’s first national company dedicated to solutions for automated inspection on the production line — such as machine inspection and vision systems — as well as checkweigh, X-ray and metal detection.  

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