Vision Inspection Systems

Robust vision-inspection, metal detection, checkweigh & x-ray solutions for Australian manufacturing industries

Inspection technologies such as check-weigh, metal detection, x-ray and vision inspection ensure your products meet both yours and your customers’ quality standards and specifications, as well as the end customers’ expectations. So you know your products are functional and “shelf ready”. 

They mean the right amount of product — and just the product — go out your doors. 

For you as a manufacturer, this reduces rework and wastage, making your packaging process leaner and more reliable, hence optimising your profits. 

iQVision is Australia’s first national company dedicated to solutions for automated inspection on the production line — such as machine inspection and vision systems — as well as checkweigh, X-ray and metal detection.  

iQVision works with manufacturing companies to:

  • Install new inspection systems to improve QA processes
  • Deliver turnkey solutions including software to capture quality metrics for continuous process improvement and line control
  • Support existing inspection technology installations across the country

Our reliable, robust machine solutions allow Australian manufacturers to implement objective QA and enhance your process control. See how we can do the same for you. 

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Cameras are vital components in automated vision inspection systems, but just because one is there doesn’t mean it can capture “everything”. Vision solutions must be designed properly for each variable; there are some very good reasons why you can’t “piggyback” checks onto an existing system.